Comprehensive Planning

Municipal comprehensive plans enable communities to take stock of the present and consider both the direction and quality of its tomorrow. Successful comprehensive plans protect and improve residential neighborhoods, open spaces, and natural resources, while supporting economic development where it is most appropriate.

Comprehensive Plan

Town of Acton, MA

The Collaborative led a process that produced a new comprehensive master plan for the Town of Acton, an historic suburban community northwest of Boston. An intensive public outreach campaign was carried out that included visioning workshops, a website, video, PSAs, and mail and phone surveys to residents and businesses. The Plan was subsequently approved by an overwhelming vote of Town Meeting. The plan guides economic development to higher density mixed use village centers. At the same time, land use and zoning tools are designed to protect and preserve open spaces that serve the community as valuable environmental, recreational, and historic landscape assets.

Roland Bartl, Planning Director for Acton, stated it best with, “The team’s commitment and willingness to work with residents and community leaders with a diverse range of interests never floundered.”

Comprehensive Plan - Town of Acton, MA

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