Special qualities can be found where land and water meet. For decades, the Collaborative has worked to reclaim and enliven waterfronts. Along rivers and harbors, once-contaminated industrial sites are today vibrant parks, lively promenades and vital centers of community life.

Boston’s Bridge Park

Massachusetts Highway Department

This new waterfront park, located next to a Central Artery/Tunnel Vent Building, serves as a dramatic memorial to Boston’s commercial past. The park preserves and incorporates mechanical components of two historic bridges located near the site , one of which was an example of a Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge, the oldest surviving bridge of its type in the country.

The Collaborative designed and prepared construction documents for this important addition to the Boston Harborwalk. The design of the park includes elements that recall the history of Boston’s commercial waterfront, while providing a comfortable gathering area for pedestrians to enjoy

Boston's Bridge Park - Massachusetts Highway Department

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