Graphic Design

Good graphic design goes beyond being noticed. It's about getting through. It's about connecting with how people think and feel. From digital to print collateral, our graphic artists work with you to craft designs that tell your story the way you want others to hear it. The deliverables include almost every type of creative item possible from brochures, posters, and flyers, to logos, illustrations, and hand-drawn sketches.

Communications, Outreach and Education Services


For more than a decade, the Collaborative has served as one of NASA’s prime contractors to provide communications, outreach, and education services. These services include public affairs support, development of communications and educational materials, writing and graphic design, exhibit design, meetings and conference organizing, and video and multimedia services. We focus on communicating technical and educational information to the scientific community and public about why the work of the NASA is important.

One example is our two-year Got Water? campaign that reached national and international media. David Letterman and Leno included the story in their opening monologues. Facebook and Twitter followers were in the tens of thousands. Young people and general public participated in hands-on and virtual educational activities around the country.

  • NASA Group Achievement Honor Award
  • 5 Regional Emmys and 10 Telly Awards
  • NASA’s Mobile App ‘Software of the Year’
  • 6 National Association of Govt. Communicator Awards
  • International Association of Web Masters and Designers Award
  • Gold Remi from WorldFest Houston
  • The Communicator Magazine Award of Distinction
  • U.S. Distance Learning Association for Excellence in K-12 Learning
  • Bronze World Medal from New York Festivals of Film and Video

Communications, Outreach and Education Services- NASA

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