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Our landscape architects begin with a deep respect for nature, culture and history. Drawing from these elements, our designs seek to welcome, delight, inform, inspire and enlarge our lives.

Bartram's Garden Master Plan

City of Philadelphia, PA

Kaye Lynn Johnson, Collaborative VP for Design, completed the master plan and design for the 47-acre Bartram's Garden along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA. The Garden, encompassing John Bartram's original early 1700s farm, is considered to be the first botanical garden in the United States. The master plan, currently being implemented, interweaves elements of the garden's history with modern needs and functions. These elements include re-planting a garden and orchard where John Bartram cultivated plants that he gathered from each of the original 13 colonies and re-establishing the waterside entrance to the Garden with a path that extends the Garden's riverfront.

The master plan also expands the Bartram's Urban Farm and Community Supported Agriculture program and includes a walking path that interprets the first compromise in the making of the U.S. Constitution. Also included are an outdoor amphitheater, retreat center, outdoor classrooms, recreational boating center, a natural sciences education center and a conference facility.

Bartram's Garden Master Plan - City of Philadelphia, PA

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