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Museum Website

Loeb Visitors Center

Museum Website - Loeb Visitors Center

Challenge: The Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. Visitors Center asked the Collaborative to design a website that tells the story of a facility that stands at the corner of time and history. Physically located at Spring and Touro Streets, on the campus of the National Landmark Touro Synagogue, the Loeb Visitors Center and Exhibit Hall celebrates all of our first amendment rights. It most specifically illuminates America’s guaranteed right of religious freedom and the clear separation of church and state.

Solution: The Collaborative was honored to create a world-class website that attracts visitors in the same manner as the Center itself. Using large visuals and “hero” images, we showcased the main areas of the Loeb Jr. Visitors Center and organized the information similar to what would encounter when taking a tour through the facility itself. The navigation is exceptionally easy to follow and content is presented in a manner that all ages can appreciate.

Results: Since its launch, the website has become a hub of activity for those seeking to know more about Religious Freedom and Separation of Church and State, and how the Center celebrates these founding ideals including exploring their origin, how they became the very first clauses of the Bill of Rights, and how Washington, Jefferson, Madison and the other founders saw these ideals as key to making America a strong and enduring nation.

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