Public Outreach

Good government and the well-being of our open and democratic society depends on an involved and informed public. To this end, we design and carry out government outreach and information campaigns that invite participation, inform, teach, change behavior, and inspire.

Protecting the Oceans

EPA National Estuary Program

The Collaborative designed and led two multi-year public outreach and information campaigns in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Estuary Program. It is dedicated to protecting, restoring, and enhancing the estuarine resources in new England Bays. The program envisions a network of healthy and resilient estuaries, sustainable ecosystems that support the life and the communities dependent upon them. It also facilitates partnerships to prompt local, state, and federal action and stewardship, convening stakeholders on the local and regional level, providing scientific basis for management decisions, and working with decision makers to identify problems and solutions.

With the goal of raising awareness and building partnerships to improve the quality of coastal New England waters, the campaigns included the design and distribution of a wide range of informational materials, organization of public and roundtable meetings, production of television and radio public service announcements, design of a wallet-sized clean water shopping guide distributed with over 150,000 water bills, hotline operation, beach clean ups, letter- writing campaign, and press coverage of “Walk for Clean Water” event.

Protecting the Oceans - EPA National Estuary Program

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