Much of our design work is about making environments that engage the body, delight the senses, and enliven the mind.

Our designers make connections between people, places, times past, present and future. Connections are what help us make sense of a place. They are what make us want to go to a place, stay, and return.

Your master plan and landscape design for Bartram’s Garden is both exciting and exactly in line with the needs of the growing and diverse population of those we serve. Your designs bring to life the historic qualities of this 45-acre National Historic Landmark in the heart of Philadelphia.

Maitreyi Roy

Executive Director, Bartram’s Garden

Landscape Architecture

Design - Landscape Architecture

Our landscape architects begin with a deep respect for nature, culture and history. Drawing from these elements, our designs seek to welcome, delight, inform, inspire and enlarge our lives.

Urban Design

Design - Urban Design

The Collaborative’s designers work with buildings, streets, public spaces, whole neighborhoods and districts, with the goal of making places that reflect and contribute to a community’s identity.


Design - Waterfront

Special qualities can be found where land and water meet. For decades, the Collaborative has worked to reclaim and enliven waterfronts. Along rivers and harbors, once-contaminated industrial sites are today vibrant parks, lively promenades and vital centers of community life.

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