General Services Administration Schedule

For decades, America’s largest employer, the U.S. Government, has been contracting with the Collaborative to provide a range of services. Federal clients can contract directly with the Collaborative through one of the firm’s GSA Schedules. Simply specify the category of service you’d like provided, collect the data from the schedule below and send us the request.

It’s that easy.

General Services Administration

Professional Services Schedule (00CORP)

GSA Contract: GS-00F-0017R

Business Size: Small business

Current Contract: September 1, 2015–August 31, 2020

For our complete GSA Schedule with detailed information see: 2015-2020 Collaborative GSA Catalog.pdf

Certifications: Please refer to our Certifications page for more information.

GSA Schedules Website:

Services Offered by Special Item Number (SIN)

For program support, environmental and GIS services, refer to:
874-1 Integrated Consulting Services
874-7 Integrated Business Program Support Services
899-1 Environmental Consulting Services
899-7 Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

For communications services, refer to:
541-1 Advertising Services
541-2 Public Relations Services
541-3 Web Based Marketing Services
541-4A Market Research and Analysis
541-4B Video Film Production
541-4C Exhibit Design and Implementation Services
541-4D Conference, Events, and Tradeshow Planning Services
541-4F Commercial Art and Graphic Design Services

To contact our staff directly in reference to our GSA Contract, please send us a note.

FTA - Federal Transit Administration
NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
FAA - Federal Aviation Administration
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