Transportation That Gets Everyone on Board

Our approach to transportation is for everyone to get on board—regardless of age, location, economic circumstances or degree of disability. In many areas of mobility, the firm’s transportation group members are national experts. This includes authoring FTA’s guidance circular on accessibility and leading numerous bicycle and pedestrian projects. Another core focus is the promotion of a mix of housing, retail, commercial and open space development around transit lines. In support of all our projects, we use creative outreach and communication techniques to inform and engage the public.

“Thank you for consistently exhibiting creativity in identifying technical approaches, organizing and leading excellent public meetings that produced meaningful results, and for showing flexibility in working with my office and our advisory committee.”

Josh Lehman

Former Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Manager, Mass DOT


Transportation - Mobility

The ability to travel is an essential function of daily life. For many people, mobility can be limited due to age or other factors. The Collaborative is committed to making it easier for all people to travel, including those who cannot drive vehicles.

ADA Services

Transportation - ADA Services

The Collaborative is one of the lead consultants to the Federal Transit Administration providing expert services in ADA compliance. Our work covers compliance with the DOT Standards for transportation facilities and includes design review as well as post-construction evaluations. Our assessments also cover administration, operations, communications, training, and policies. We frequently provide expert witness services with regard to ADA compliance and offer services in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Title VI compliance.

Transit-Oriented Development

Transportation - Transit-Oriented Development

Whenever possible, the Collaborative creates compact, walkable, pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities centered around transit stations. This makes it possible for people to enjoy lives that are less dependent on cars. It helps support a feeling of community by promoting more face-to-face interactions. And it helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by reducing car trips.

Bike & Pedestrian

Transportation - Bike & Pedestrian

Members of the transportation group have led the development of statewide pedestrian and bicycle plans, and assist communities to promote safe routes to school. Hand-in-hand with the firm’s landscape architects, we design and oversee the construction of bicycle paths, sidewalks, and multiuse trails.


Transportation - Outreach

Since its founding, the Collaborative has integrated communications with technical analysis. Our technical knowledge enables us to understand and communicate the nuances of complex transportation projects. Our approach helps improve two-way communication between clients and stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes.

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