Today. Tomorrow. Together®

This phrase characterizes the Collaborative’s approach to planning. Each day we strive to improve people’s lives by building broad support around visions of a better tomorrow—visions of communities and places that are welcoming, dynamic, and environmentally sound.

The Collaborative provides thoughtful expertise and creative thinking as they assist the city in our community development and communications programs, working with us from the development of our city center to community relations.

Eva Galambos

Former Mayor, City of Sandy Springs, GA

Community Development

Planning - Community Development

The challenge in all community development projects is to encourage growth that enhances the character of a community. This requires a commitment to collaboration and the judgment to bring together a mix of many voices, clear information and well-honed ideas.

Comprehensive Planning

Planning - Comprehensive Planning

Municipal comprehensive plans enable communities to take stock of the present and consider both the direction and quality of its tomorrow. Successful comprehensive plans protect and improve residential neighborhoods, open spaces, and natural resources, while supporting economic development where it is most appropriate.

Site & Master Planning

Planning - Site & Master Planning

Some places deserve special planning attention, such as roadway corridors, campuses, parks, commercial districts, or entire neighborhoods. After building consensus around a common vision, the process typically draws from a palette of plan elements—such as landform, buildings, gathering areas, paths and vegetation—to realize that vision, often enhancing a site’s unique qualities, such as history or relationship to water.

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