Reservoirs, treatment plants, pipes, bridges, rail lines, roadways and other amazing feats of engineering underpin our modern world. As a multidisciplinary consulting firm, we bring a deep appreciation for the role of engineering in enhancing our society and the environment.

Your professionalism, perseverance and integrity were major factors in getting the MDC’s Strategic Water System Plan—and me—over some very difficult institutional hurdles. You achieved a very productive blend of engineering and planning for this complex infrastructure project and I truly believe that few consultants could have managed the process as well as you did.

Todd Rosenthal

Assistant District Manager, The Metropolitan District


Engineering - Water

Few small consulting firms have led more large water supply planning and operations projects. President Ed Shoucair served as the final project manager of the long-range water supply plan for the Boston region. CEO Joe Brevard served as project manager of the long-range water supply plan for Hartford’s metropolitan area. And while Director of Public Works for Fulton County, Sr. Vice President Angela Parker oversaw water supply operations for Fulton County and its over one million residents.

Survey, GIS & Land Services

Engineering - Survey, GIS & Land Services

Respect for land frames our approach to land development. As surveyors, we apply a range of tools—including aerial drones, satellite imagery and field surveys—to gain a comprehensive understanding of the land. Our GIS team organizes the information into a broad range of usable maps and layers of data. Our planners, engineers and landscape architects use this data to help our clients make wise decisions about how to most efficiently and sustainably develop the land.

Roadways & Enhancements

Engineering - Roadways and Enhancements

More than facilitating travel from place to place, each roadway presents an opportunity to add to both the visual character of community and the visual quality of a traveler’s journey. Roadways present opportunities to serve as “smart streets” that carry multiple modes of transportation: pedestrians, bicycles, vans, buses, streetcars and light rail.

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