Making Outstanding Work Stand Out®

By bringing great ideas and hardworking people together, you can make a world of difference. That’s exactly what our communications group does for government, businesses, and nonprofits around the country. We apply our MIT training to research markets and target audiences, and then create integrated communications programs that combine compelling messaging and designs to ensure that what you want to say stands out.

All this communication work has been done by a firm called the Collaborative, made up of MIT grads, who have been doing very cool work for NASA for years.

Andy Chaikin

Author of "A Man on the Moon and A Passion for Mars"

Public Outreach

Communications - Public Outreach

Good government and the well-being of our open and democratic society depends on an involved and informed public. To this end, we design and carry out government outreach and information campaigns that invite participation, inform, teach, change behavior, and inspire.

Web & Social Media

Communications - Web & Social Media

Our visual designers, web developers and social media experts create a wide variety of websites and mobile apps for businesses, organizations, and agencies. In addition to being highly attractive, informative and functional, each internet offering is responsive across all devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Our social media services include the latest techniques and tools to drive more traffic and increase sales to the websites.

Graphic Design

Communications - Graphic Design

Good graphic design goes beyond being noticed. It’s about getting through. It’s about connecting with how people think and feel. From digital to print collateral, our graphic artists work with you to craft designs that tell your story the way you want others to hear it. The deliverables include almost every type of creative item possible from brochures, posters, and flyers, to logos, illustrations, and hand-drawn sketches.

Video & Multimedia

Communications - Video & Multimedia

When it comes time to tell your story, nothing communicates with the impact of motion graphics. Our state-of-the-art video and multimedia production team craft products that ensure all eyes are on you and your message. Products include Emmy-award winning television programs, speaker support video presentations, stop-motion infographics, public service announcements, exhibit and kiosk displays, and more.

Meetings & Events

Communications - Meetings & Events

For more than a quarter century, the Collaborative has organized meetings and events that include week-long youth summits attended by over 30,000 teachers and students, national town halls dedicated to the future of high speed rail, and smaller seminars, roundtable meetings, community workshops and focus groups. Professional gatherings are critically important ways for individuals and organizations to learn, step back and consider the future, and to explore new ideas, technologies, and steps for moving forward.


Communications - Exhibits

Think outside the box? There is no box. The whole experience is what matters. We create exhibits that stir, inspire and educate. Even when we design boxes, we think outside them. Our exhibit work ranges from complete visitor center overhauls to the design and fabrication of exhibits for special events and trade shows.

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